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Free talks with Vandana Shiva, Michael Meade, and Cynthia Bourgeault

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These talks are just a small sample of what you will experience when you register for the full Wisdom in Times of Crisis compilation. This unique full series features more than 50 hours of presentations, conversations, interviews, poetry, art, music and more! 

From Separation to Oneness; From Monocultures to Diversity
Vandana Shiva Ph.D.

Dr. Vandana Shiva is an author, environmental activist and leader of a global food sovereignty movement. Her PhD thesis was on non separability and non locality in Quantum theory. Her work with Chipko showed her the non separation between forests, soil and water. The Green revolution study in Punjab taught her non-separation between violence against nature by chemical agriculture, and emergence of violence in society. Since then, her work in Food and Agriculture systems has taught her the non-separation between seeds, plants, soil, climate , and biodiversity. Her philosophy and activism is guided by our non-separation from Nature . This talk is hosted by Alnoor Ladha and Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo.

The Soul of Transformation 
Michael Meade (Mythologist, Storyteller)

Michael Meade speaks so beautifully about the role of "descent" in any spiritual journey. "The spirit rises like air and the soul descends like water." Many on a spiritual path get attached to the rising of the spirit and forget that embodied wisdom comes only after we have descended to the depths of our soul.

What has gone wrong with our world?  How can myth and ancient stories help us understand  the current human and existential crisis? Do you see this as a moment of initiation? If so, to what? How do we prepare? This talk is hosted by Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo.

The Roots of Hope Run Deep: 

Timeless Wisdom to Guide a Perilous Passage
Cynthia Bourgeault PhD (Episcopal Priest, Author)

Cynthia Bourgeault speaks of the Imaginal Roadmap: offering a much broader perspective on our planetary situation at this point: a map which renews hope while at the same time ratcheting up the demand for personal spiritual transformation.  

Cynthia is passionately committed to the recovery of the Christian contemplative and wisdom traditions within an inclusive contemporary framework. She considers herself a "Wisdom Activist," offering her work as a meeting ground where timeless spiritual wisdom (too often embalmed in esotericism) can powerfully engage the needs of our own times. This talk is hosted by Maurizio Benazzo.

Would You Like to See More Talks Like This?

In many spiritual traditions, a crisis is seen as an opportunity to experience more of reality and of ourselves, to live more truthfully, to wake up and see the world with fresh eyes. What is the wisdom that shines through the cracks of this crisis?

In this series, we create a safe space together where we can meet beyond right and wrong, challenge old beliefs and step into new ways of being. We reflect and integrate the learning gained through this global crisis and apply the wisdom we hold in our hearts.

Join us for 50+ hours of presentations by renowned visionaries, including talks, interviews, music, poetry and more.


  • Teachings for times of crisis from different traditions
  • Tools for recognizing trauma and coping with it
  • How to meet and hold grief
  • How to nourish relationships in times of uncertainty
  • How to meet unexpected change
  • How to apply spiritual practices in times of crisis
  • Tools for coping with stress
  • Meditative practices to keep us connected to ourselves
  • Somatic techniques to stay grounded


"I just wanted let you know what a rich experience last week’s Wisdom journey was for me–and in particular to thank you both for the warm, open-hearted way you hosted the various talks... and the deep, soulful way you acknowledged all the presenters... and the skill with which you really brought us all together in a palpable community. For me it was an unqualified feast for the mind and the soul–and a world-class use of internet technology–I’m still absorbing all the profound and timely wisdom shared by the speakers I had the privilege to hear."
--Toby Symington

"I still have to watch many talks for the first time, and all the ones I did watch or attend live, will merit several replays! All the speakers, many of whom were unknown to me before, were just breathtaking in their own way… I have been thoroughly flabbergasted every day this past week!

I am so grateful and happy to have taken part in this, it was a truly exceptional event, and one that will resonate for a long time to come! So inspiring and energizing! So thanks once more to the whole SAND team for this wonderful week!! I know it probably was a ton of work to make it happen so seamlessly and apparently effortlessly."
--Filip Van Kerckhoven

"Mazel tov, congratulations, to you all at SAND on a phenomenal journey into the heart of wisdom that can serve us all so well in these perilous and transformative times. Such a delight to listen into the deeply grounding and illuminating talks. And I appreciated so much the thoughtful and warm hosting that Zaya and Maurizio brought to each session and the open chat forum that brought us together as if we were sitting in the same living room."
--Rae Abileah

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